Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Western day gone by

Hours spent working today: 8
Cups of coffee consumed: 2,5 (only!)
Minutes spent cleaning the apartment after I got back: 60
Minutes spent jogging on the beautiful track shown in previous post: 41 (not bad!)
Minutes spent chatting with a friend: 60
Emails written so far: 0
Number of times I have noticed that it's a beautiful day: 8
Total positive thoughts so far: >50
Minutes spent on my blog: >30 (not counting the 20 minutes thinking about a new post while running)
Times I have thought about Africa: far too many

Even Kano (Nigeria) is tempting right now!

Estimated hours of sleep before I go back to work: 6



gonzalo.mengual said...

the only good advise a priest gave in mu hole life...
the day has 24 hours, 8 for sleeping-resting, 8 for and 8 for fun!

hanna grönberg said...

Did we chat for one hour??

Ishtar said...

Yes, 59 minutes to be exact. I actually checked because it only felt like half an hour!