Monday, May 14, 2007

Cattle, uranium and desertification

The marketplace of Tanout - Copyright Eden Foundation

When talking about Niger yesterday, I mentioned that cattle was Niger's second largest export, and considering the state of the animals due to the degradation of the environment that is taking place, it certainly calls for concern.

The country's largest export still comes from the uranium mines located deep in the Sahara desert. During the seventies, uranium brought in a considerable income, but that has changed during the past two decennials. My brother just forwarded me an article though on how foreign agencies are flying in to scan the desert area for more mines.

That might be great for the country - at least the statistics will look better - but somehow, I doubt that all this foreign involvement will benefit the poorest of the poor who try to make a living cultivating crops in a sea of sand.

Imagine if the Western World spent a small share of this 55 million dollars investment to help fight desertification in a sustainable manner. Ah, then we might be talking REAL progress!



Henrik Olsson said...

Hej. Gillar dina bilder :) Har du tagit alla själv?

Ishtar said...

Nej, en del har jag tagit själv men många av bilderna i år är tagna av Anette Bengtsson eller Sofia Öhman sm var där och hälsade på. När det gäller Edens bilder så tas de flesta av fältarbetarna. Kul att du tittade in!

hanna grönberg said...

Dina länkar mm hamnar fortfarande under alla blogginlägg. Iallafall för mig.

Tracey said...'ve got a magnificent blog here, Ishtar! I'll be back to read more, without a doubt.

I must admit I do envy your life just a wee bit. Time is something that we've lost track of in the western world...the so called 'civilized' world. I'm glad you've found it, as well as such a grand purpose.

Did you take all these photos? They're wonderful!

photogchic said...

So Canada, England, and India are on the road to nuclear weapons/power....the world keeps get a bit more scary. Fighting desertification sounds like a much better cause. Great photos of the cows.

Ishtar said...

I don't take all the pictures myself. Most of the Eden pictures are taken by our team of field workers. The cow picture however was taken by my brother. As for the all the personal pictures, I actually had my own camera people this year (friends who visited), following me around wherever I went and going on their own photo expeditions! Sofia and Anette, thanks for great pictures!!

Hanna Grönberg said...

Och du bara fixar, fixar och fixar på din blogg...hehe! Men snyggt blir det!

The Five Nomads said...

My husband and I are preparing to move to Niger to work with an NGO. Finding your blog has been very valuable. I have found your blog so interesting, but have never written before. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I prayed for her and you today. We are moving to Niamey at the end of the summer. I hope we will meet sometime in the future.