Saturday, June 23, 2007

What people type to find my blog...

Ever wondered how people find your blog? I had a thorough look at the keywords used to find Ishtar News, and it gave me such a good laugh that I just had to share... :-)

1. heartbroken

One of this site’s top keywords – so much for me trying to show a positive attitude!

2. is riding a camel safe?

Well, I for one didn’t feel comfortable; I guess it’s all about the camel and your relationship to heights! If you're interested in my personal experience, look at the post Learning the art of riding a camel. At least I didn't fall off!

3. sahara race track

Sorry, Sahara does not have a race track, unless you see the entire desert as a track.

4. chocolate eating gallop poll 2007

Now this one is hilarious and I cannot even answer it, as just keeps on making me laugh!

5. jockey saddle

Yes, I’m looking for one as well, so let me know when you find one, ok? Actually, a good tip is to looking for racing tack. I couldn’t find a jockey saddle on the web until I looked for “tack”.

6. african carnival

I’m into blog carnivals, actually. The Beautiful Africa Blog Carnival to be more precise.

7. we'are very tired after long essay

Yes, we certainly are, but I won’t be blogging much more about that now that I’ve finished the course!

8. time for you to make an effort

You don’t like my blog? Not posting often enough? Not sure I can help you though! Blogging about working as a volunteer is actually seconded by the work itself…

9. news about desertification in 2006-07

You should go to Eden, I have only mentioned desertification briefly so far.

10. lazy niger

I never said that!

11. alsacian riding school

And what exactly would we be talking about then, if I may ask...? Something like this?

12. eden south of tanout

Yes, that would be us. But this is not the project site; go to Eden Foundation instead.

13. niger sport newspapers

Ah, need to go into sports, do I? Well, in a sense its pretty easy because the variety is limited. In Niger, you have wrestling, horse racing and football. Period.

14. best country to raise children is where?

I told you it was Niger but you didn’t believe me… Why don't you go answer the quiz?

15. "there is always tomorrow"

Oh, yes! Africa explained in a single sentence.

16. what custums come with the running of the bulls

Sorry but this one is above my understanding. Running with the bulls? Hey dude, have you seen their horns???

17. dan zinder, wedding

Not marrying Dan in Zinder, no.

18. "[my full name] " +"niger"

You got it! Sorry you didn’t leave a comment so that I could see who it was that’s gone looking for me!

19. working days in sweden

I have far too many of those. Please do not remind me…

20. snygging in swedish

Snygging [“handsome”] in Swedish would be just that, snygging. Or were you actually wondering what snygging was in English? Sorry, I don’t offer translation services…

21. western media exaggerate poverty in africa

Bingo! You hit right on! I've got two posts here, Cash Handouts are Not Helping and Niger in the News. But the best post is the article on Eden's website.

22. pictures of signs of impending birth in mares

Sorry, my horse didn’t give birth in the end… No pictures to show except of all my speculations around her non-existing belly. Still love her though!

23. sunbathing sweden photos

Wouldn’t show them for anything in the world!

24. miss niger

Well, you actually inspired a post of your own. You should go and have a look!

25. camel, training a, stubborn

Sorry, not into camels.

26. aid to foreign countries needed

Aid needed but should be directed towards a sustainable solution only.

27. women's daily life in zinder

Well, I can really only show you mine, can I? If you stick around however, I might start posting some people portraits.

28. reasons why niger is a least developed country

Hey, don’t put pressure on me! This is advanced level – and here I was, taking things a bit easy…

29. national celebrations in niger?

Lots of them! And lots of postings on this site! Look at the side bar!

30. hausa outfits

Ah, want to see me wear those? Will have to think about that one… Here's the closest posted on this site!

These people however do it better than me:

31. nigerian jockeys

Sorry, I have Nigerien jockeys… And I’m not handing him over!

32. holy cows uganda

Can’t really understand what you found in my site since I speak of neither holy cows nor Uganda, but you did stay for a while… The only cows I have presented are very skinny ones:

Copyright Eden Foundation

Hope you enjoyed it!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I ended up at your page from seeing your comments at Fasy's Mybloglog.
I have always enjoyed reading about people in "other than western" cultures. My day to day life is very routine and bland :-( LOL! - Without the weekend, I would lose my mind.
Your page is fantastic, and I like the camel riding picture. This activity will probably not be in my future.
...anyway, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your blog.

Speedcat Hollydale Page

Fa Sy said...

Good to see u here Speedycat :)

Love the hausa outfit :) the pictures are lovely :) Would love to ride a camel. It should be an awesome experience :)

Ishtar said...

Well, riding a camel is definitively an amazing experience. The view is incredible! If it didn't feel so unstable, I would spend the rest of my days living on the back of a camel!

My personal wish however will then have to be to one day control a camel and actually feel that I know where I am going. That said, my poor little mares are actually petrified of camel stallions, but that shouldn't come to any surprise seeing that the camels are nearly twice as high as them...

Next time you go to Niamey Fasy, we'll have to find some nomad contacts and make sure you get to see Niger from this wonderful height!

Szavanna said...

Hi there

- wow - this is a good idea !

- and I really enjoyed your thoughts on each entry - it's really interesting how people end up on your blog :) Great idea for a post - may be I should do my own : yesterdays' search terms were : tuku music+lyrics, neria,"de la rey" boere, kerkorrel video, Umqombothi, "i wanna make you dance", de la rey song afrikaans lyrics, the blogsphere, abdullah ibrahim interview, ismael lo baykat translation...

many greetings!

Ishtar said...

Lol, szavanna! It's definitively sounds as if you have material enough for a blog post, and I'll be keen on reading your comments to them! Most writers (of the weirdest keywords) don't linger, but it's fun nevertheless to see 1) what they're looking for (in my case, an Alsatian riding school???) and 2) how they express themselves. Looking forward to your post!

Ugo Daniels said...

I can't really remember how i came to your site. Probably thru one search or the other. But ever since, i've had the most womderful experience here. I may not be regular but i always read when i can.

Do have a lovely weekend, Ishtar

Ishtar said...

Ugo: I think you found this site either through me commenting on your site or one one of the other sites we both visits.

L said...

Wow, it takes all kinds for sure... People search for the weirdest things! I liked the photo of the German Shepherd/Alsatian :-D

childwoman said...

Ishtar!! I had so much of fun reading this post. And the dress looks great on you., or the other way round...and as usual, great pics and awesome posts...Take care!

Izz said...

Hey you again, very interesting key words. And it seems to me that you may be mending broken hearts or a mender of broken hearts -not sure, just guessing.

I've taken a closer look at my keywords as well each day. And my top one with most numbers is "from contentment with little comes happiness", and bang, my blog comes up because it's part of my blog. And this reminds me a lot about you and also about The monk who sold his ferrari, by Robin Sharm, one of my favourite inspirational writers.

Keep up the good work on your side of the world.

hanna grönberg said...

"what custums come with the running of the bulls". I'm definately the guilty one. I had forgotten your web adress and I figured that to find it, those words would be the most sure combination to help me find your blog! ;)

Ishtar said...

Tara, I'm glad you liked the "dress", although its actually a top sown in Nigerien bazain tissue, merged with a Swedish skirt... The real Hausa outfits come under me. I do have a few female Hausa dresses, but the thing is, "beautiful women" in Niger are often very large, so there is room for three of me in these dresses... I prefer merging my style with theirs and creating a look in between, which is often hugely popular; especially when I match all the accessories! They're nuts about matching accessories, and to be quite frank, so am I!

Izz - happy to see you back, glad I could amuse you on behalf of my visitors, hehe! Your own top keyword is enough to say that your blog is a very deep and thoughtful one. You're a frequent writer as well, and I enjoy reading your thoughts! Keep up the good work, and by the way, don't be shy to post a pic or two!

Hanna - Lol, that was hilarious! Wonder if any more confessions will find their way here now that we're at it...? :-)


Beaman said...

That camel is very Snygging. Wonderful post, fascinating!

Saami said...

Hi, are these the zebu cows you told about? I got the link but could not open it to see them.

Ishtar said...

@Beaman: thanks! Snygga kameler helt enkelt!

@Saami: yes, those were the zebus I was talking about. If you click on the link there, you come to the post about it, a post also known as Cattle, Uranium and Desertification (if I remember my own titles correctly!). Nice to see you here, by the way!