Monday, June 11, 2007

Not finished

I just finished the opposition, where four students from around Sweden and one teacher met on the web and commented on each others' essays. The whole ordeal took about two hours, but the process was much smoother than when I tried to go live from Africa, as I encountered no technical problems. Thumbs up to technology! Sometimes you really need it...

The opposition itself was fun, but challenging. I was told that my essay was logical, very well written and easy to follow, but- (there always is a but, isn't there!) It was on the whole considered to be a descriptive essay.

Ishtar: [Big sigh]

Just as I thought I was approaching the end, I am now back at the drawing board, where I will have to take a deep look at my arguments, dessicate the text with all the ruthlessness I can come up with, and somehow get the "for and against" parties to start shouting at one another, leaving me to moderate the discussion.

I realize now, in hindsight, that I didn't make things easy for myself as I did not pick any of the six or so titles suggested by the institution. The thing was though; I just didn't feel inspired about them, and without inspiration, I know from experience that I get very little done... Especially when all else in life is hanging on a loose thread.

As for current motivation, I have concluded though that at this time, I am motivated to turn the essay structure discursive out of two reasons:

a) I want closure (no way that I will not be finishing the module this time!)
b) I have already invested far too much time and energy into the work to settle for an essay version that will only give a reduced grade.

That said, I'd better be off and start hacking away! The good news is that I've had enough time away from my essay to be able to look at it with renewed energy. But boy will I be celebrating once this ordeal is over!

By the way, now is probably not the best time to ask me when I will resume my studies after the completion of this course. It won't be this autumn at least!



hanna grönberg said...

We will be celebrating together! Good luck!

Ishtar said...

Yes, let's do that! You bring the company and I bring the chocolate, the oranges and our coffee. Hurray!!!