Friday, June 29, 2007

It seems my blog has come to life!


Thanks for all the support, guys! It means a lot to come back from a ten-hour-shift (being away from home for 12 hours) and find that my blog has been living it's own life while I was gone!

I am unfortunately working tomorrow as well (but not as long as I did today), so I might have to wait until Sunday until I can do you all justice and answer your comments with the attention they deserve! In the meantime, I will try to keep by head above surface and listen to the voice that whispers so clearly in my heart who bears my burdens and settles my fears. It's amazing how hard it can be to allow oneself be small, but it's such a relief when one does. I was doing that a few weeks ago when I was running on the water surface. Perhaps I started taking all the good moments for granted again?

Oh well, will go in and check on my mom, have a long talk with God and then see what tomorrow brings. Take care you all!



childwoman said...

oh my!! you looked like an angel, you still do...but you were / are so cute and innocent. And Ishtar, a big warm hug and congrats to you on winning the rocking girl blogger award too...and you really rock. I absolutely love your blog. I am in complete awe of you. For the person you are, and the work you do. You are really wonderful, warm and special person. And I am flattered that you like my blog, really I am....dont ever change. You Rock Ishtar!!

Ishtar said...

Thank you, that was very sweetly said! You were an adorable little girl as well - the pictures you posted were delightful!

Ugo Daniels said...

You take care. Hope your weekend was great. Cheers!

Don Thieme said...

Hello, Ishtar. I followed you here from your comments to Pamela. I am sure that your mother is very glad to have you by her side, but I know that it is painful to see our parents sick or old.