Thursday, June 21, 2007

First scene of yesterday's play...

NARRATOR: Welcome to this play. It is set in the late 20th century, somewhere in theheart of Sweden – and then a little bit to the West coast. A young woman – our research apprentice – is about to embark on the journey of her life. She is ambitious and highly dedicated to what she does but very impatient when it comes to reaching the next level. Little does she suspect, that it will take several years to find the answers to the questions she will encounter along the way. Eager to explore the challenge that is about to be set before her, she will launch herself full heartedly into the world of venture capital. This is her story – and the revised version of what has been printed in the book “Venture Capital for the Future”.

[A man and two women are sitting opposite of one another at a table.]

PROFESSOR [very as-a-matter-of-fact]: Thank you both for coming. The reason I asked for you is because I have a project in mind. There’s an intriguing new business logic happening within our regional venture capital sphere. I was wondering if one of you could look into it?

FEMALE COLLEAGUE [shakes her head]: I’m sorry. It doesn’t interest me. Not my area.

RESEARCH APPRENTICE [enthusiastically]: Uh, I can do it! I think it sounds very exiting. An intriguing new business logic, did you say?

PROFESSOR: Good. Maybe you can hand in a project proposal by the end of the week, then.

RESEARCH APPRENTICE [to the audience]: End of the week? End of the day, more likely!

RESEARCH APPRENTICE [to the professor]: Sure! No problem at all. The truth is, I’ve been feeling quite restless actually, having only the ordinary amount of classes to teach. I’ll be thrilled to get my hands full!

PROFESSOR: Good. See you then.

[The professor leaves]

FEMALE COLLEAGUE: So, you just got yourself started on your dissertation. Got some work cut out for the next five years!

RESEARCH APPRENTICE: Five years? No, no, it’s not going to take that long. I’ll be done within three years. After all, it’s just a dissertation!

FEMALE COLLEAGUE [skeptical]: Right. Good luck then!


[The colleague leaves]

[End of scene one]

Ah... can't believe it's actually over! The whole thing went SO well; everything from her defence to my toastmaster introduction to the whole play, which was a huge success. Only left you with a small part of it; after all, it was about 8 pages long, but people really laughed. I think it must have been the act of my life because I remember so very little from it - I was totally caught up in my role. Will be fun (or maybe not?) to watch the tapes afterwards.

Just sorry not to have a few days to relax; instead, everything launches into turbo mode as of tomorrow. First a television team arrives from Norway (and I have to be there), then I'm off to work for a 24 hour shift, followed by my grandmother's 75 year anniversary, followed by another 24 hour shift, and then I have one day to pack my things before I go on a 16 hour shift; and then it's time to move in with my mother, while my dad flies off to Niger for a three week period of time.

No wonder my head is spinning!!!

Will post pictures from the dissertation feast as soon as I come over them!

Now I think I'd better go for some zzzzzzzz... :-)



Szavanna said...

Hi there - when will you post scene two? :) happy to hear everything went well!

photogchic said...

Yikes...I thought you were taking a break for a couple days:-) I went to get some Ishtar News...and I am way behind on reading your posts!

Ishtar said...

Szavanna: well, I'll wait a while, watch out for my sister's reaction to making personal things public... There's something about your relatives losing anonymity as well even though it's only you that goes blogwide... :-)

Photochic: Lol! I'm surprised myself at what a little inspiration can do! Better take a few days off then so that you can all catch up on the reading... :-D (but try telling that to your inspiration when it's widely awake for some odd reason!)