Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Afternoon walk

Today was Anette's last afternoon out and we were supposed to go to the racetrack. Unfortunately, Sahara put her foot wrong and started limping, so we turned back and left Sahara at home, while the rest of us (Sofia, Anette, I and Arwen) walked out to the fields so I could ride Arwen and they could take pictures...

I thought Arwen and I were just going for a walk, but seeing that we didn't have Sahara in tow, Arwen had a different mind. "You let me run!" her body language said, and I just had to. Or I would have had one highly understimulated horse at home!

Rocks, rocks, rocks... Zinder was built on its exact location just because of these rocks; it made it easy for the inhabitants to spot other armies, while their own soldiers were well hidden... That's it for the history lesson today, folks!


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