Thursday, December 21, 2006

Training Sahara

Since I have decided that Arwen is not to be ridden anymore, I started training Sahara instead. I know she has the "gudu" but not the endurance, so I took her out for a twenty minute ride in the bush - my favorite. As you can tell from the pictures, she was drenched in her own sweat by the time we were back, but I never had to urge her. She just loved it as much as I did and did her very, very best.

During the time we were out, Sofia had taken Arwen to Josef and Renate's garden, where she happily trotted around by herself, until she heard Sahara's galloping footprints approaching... She whinnied and rushed forward to expect her younger flock member, seemingly asking a number of questions which Sahara was too exhausted to answer... However, they were happy and content and spent another half an hour grazing Josef and Renate's delicious and untouched grass...

Now, Tabita also known as "Busmusen" was very interested to see what was going on and where the horses were going. So when you're small and short, you have to be innovating and climbing is a very good skill... In case you didn't know...


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