Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love is...

Love is patient

Love is kind

It does not envy

It does not boast

It is not proud

It is not rude

It is not self-seeking

It is not easily angered

It keeps no records of wrongs

Love does not delight in evil

But rejoices in the truth

It always protects

Always trusts

Always hopes

Always perseveres

Love never fails



The Five Nomads said...

Ishtar, thanks for asking how we are doing. We have had a lot of ups and downs lately. If Niger is God's plan for us I trust it will come together. I have a million questions I would love to ask you if you have the time. Would it be possible to email you? -Beth, 5Nomads
PS. Prayed for your mom and your family today...

pamelastitch said...

i just love your pictures...

What kind of camera did you use to those pics?

I think Nigerian people are so beautiful....



L said...

Cool post! I've never been to Africa, but the photos made me homesick for the jungle I grew up in. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the expressions on their faces. Sometimes I get so tired of all the facades around me.

I feel out of place a lot, (which I'm used to), but sometimes I sill long for people who aren't so BUSY & unhappy & stressed all the time... Peaceful people are rare in this rich country I live in. I remember lots of problems in my childhood country, too, but I think what I miss about it is what you see in these photos.

People with clear eyes, who look at you and actually SEE you. Does that make any sense?

(Sorry for the dissertation, I kinda got carried away!)

Szavanna said...

Such beautiful photos! Have you thought of creating a Flickr album? many greetings!

Izz said...

Interesting pics. And i like the part that love is not self-seeking and not easy to anger.

the mad momma said...

came here via childwoman. loved this post. this is one of my fave biblical quotes....

hanna grönberg said...

Beautiful pictures friend! Kisses

Helena said...

Vad fint du har skrivit om kärlek!
Saknar dig på jobbet, var längesen nu. Men jag har läst lite här i din blogg och jag förstår dig, varför du är hemma. Ville bara säga att jag beundrar din kämparglöd :) Hoppas allt blir bra och att man år se dig snart. Kramar från Helena på gekås ;)

Izz said...

The crying little girl, what did you guys do to her? Cute still.

Please email me at so that I can have your email addy. I can't seem to locate your response or the email anna sent me. It is hidden in gmails cascading conversations. And I did read the email by the way and thanks for accepting.

Love Izz

childwoman said...

oh Man! these pics are so awesome! and so are are you!! I think you should go professional with would kick some serious ass...or are you already a pro photographer?? And the loved the quotes. They are so true and so right. And thanks so much for your wishes on my posts...Hugs!!

childwoman said...

I am feeling a little left every one has contributed something here.... :(

princesa said...

Hey Ishtar! I just did a post on Love too.
The pics are lovely.
@pammy, i dont think they are Nigerians. They look more like Nigeriens.

Ishtar said...

@Five nomads: Thanks for the prayers! Means a lot!

@Pamela, Szavannah and Childwoman: Most of the pictures on this site have been taken by my friend Nettus, who visited me for seven weeks this year and who will head out with me this year for seven year long stay. So the credit for the pixs is hers!

Izz: The little crying girl; lol. I'll have to ask Nettus what happened that particular day! Just things the boys were a little too mean to her or excluded her from a game (she's one of the smallest kids on our street).

@Helena: Thanks! Maybe we'll see each other on Satuday? I'm coming to work again... :-D

@Princesa: How can you tell the difference? Hausa people north or south of the border would be the same, wouldn't it? Of course, there's always the background giving things away... Niger is more spacious! :-)

Rajesh Anandakrishnan said...

wow - interesting post and cool pics. Amazing. also visit my blogon cool pics. Its my Mail archive. you will see wonderful photographs.

Tauratinzwe said...

Great post! I love the portraits and the passage used for the captions fits perfect. Makes me homesick (though for the other side of the continent).

Keep it up!