Sunday, July 15, 2007

Deadline due in three days

Just wanted to remind you all that the deadline for the Beautiful Africa is in three days. Time flies! Now Izz, have I somehow missed your post?

Lol, this humble question is actually an outstanding example of "female indirect speech" which I have been studying for the past three months. As we females are highly aware of, such statement does not invite an answer (to what we already know is not the case); but rather informs the receiver of the question that there is something not quite right and that this should be fixed as quickly as possible. Of course we could get straight to the point and say "Come up, hurry up and post before the deadline will you!" but such directness would diminish the charm of our cryptic language and make us less intriguing individuals in the eyes of the other half of the world population. And who would want to uncover the myth and make us females more comprehendible creatures? Naw, better now mess with the universal order of linguistic gender differences...


PS: Don't forget that you've got fourteen hours left (as I write this) to have you say about what you want Ishtar to blog about! And if I forgot an option, just let me know!

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