Saturday, July 28, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me...

Brittish-blogger-posting-from-Sweden Mark Base tagged me the other day and wanted me to write 8 random facts about myself. Since I have already written five at You're it! I thought I would get away with writing only three. However, the previous tagging was supposed to state weird or funny things about oneself. Mark's rules state just random things. But how random am I? Let's find out.

1. Post these rules before you give you the facts.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) eight people and list their names (linking to them).
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they've been tagged!
1. I am not easy to boss around and am rarely intimidated into doing things I don't want (has it ever happened?), but I rarely say no, if I can see that I am needed. Guess someone gave me a heart to weight out the stubbornness...?

2. My mother's family is really musical and both my parents play instruments. My mother tried to teach me to play both the piano and the flute, but I just wasn't an eager student and didn't want to be pushed into anything I didn't fancy myself. Now, twenty years later, I often find myself regretting not having taken the chance when I could, because there are some emotions that only want to be expressed through music. Which in my case compares to a strong desire to speak up but not mastering the language...

Some are born wild, others stubborn... :-)

3. Hanna is going to love me admitting this: I am a collector of series (sure I've never said that before?). Anything that comes in a series - I want to have the set. This habit is not in any way moderated by Nigerien culture, which encourages huge collections and complete outfits in a single color. Hmm, maybe that's even where I got it from... Gah... I used to be nuts about novels; now I've gone berserk on handbags. Need on in every colour...

4. It can be hard to get me involved in something (especially if it seems boring), but once I get into something, I do it wholeheartedly.

5. When I was younger, my motto was to become a good amateur in a number of things, rather than excelling in one thing and one thing only. Still seems like a good motto to me!

Started riding in 1998. Now I can't understand how I ever did without it!

6. I love creative writing, but different languages brings out different styles. English is tempo; French is for the tragic (and the poetic!), Swedish is for the depressing and Hausa (when the day arrives that I master it fluently) is for good humor and absurdities. Weird, isn't it?

7. Currently, I possess two horses and in a week, I become the official owner of a dog (with plans of adopting a second dog; his brother). Though funds and space limits the number, I would not be surprised if I one day in the future will be surrounded by an entire ark! Have always enjoyed pets. They're social livings who never stress. How can you not enjoy them? :-)

My first dogs; Bamse & Seo (1998)

8. As a kid, the first things I wanted to be when I grew up was kindergarden teacher followed by successful writer. And at one point I also intended to open up an orphanage in South America - I must have been twelve at that time.

Hurray, that was it!

Now, concerning the rules, Mark added a touch of his own: to tag bloggers we didn't know all that well.
You see, many bloggers (myself included) join blogging communities, make "friends", but never really make an effort to keep in touch after that initial contact. So let's try to reverse that trend, just a little bit.

I propose that those bloggers I tag also find people with whom they've had very little contact.
Let me go and have a look at MyBlogLog.

[Five minutes later]

The following are tagged:

1. Fasy of New York
2. Omodudu of Africa
3. Kmark of Sweden
4. Nihal of Malaysia
5. Saami of Scandinavia
6. Gamoonbat of ...?
7. Madmomma
8. KlMasina

Good luck now!


Mad Momma said...

ooh.. i just did that!!! a few days ago.. may i be excused? ppl will die if they have to hear any more facts abt me:D I will do it again if u insist though!!! by the way i love your work and your pics...

Mark Base said...

Very good job, dear Ishtar!

Thanks for taking the time to play along.

All the best wishes from Sweden!

NIHAL said...

Hi Ishtar,

Will definitely do this some time next week as I'm currently working on something new for my Car site. This is indeed a good idea.

Once again, thanks for making me part of this :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I had already surmised that your Ark had to do with your desire to have many animals. LOL

pamelastitch said...

i guess we both have goat heads....(my bro uses goat head to describe those who are stubborn)....Bags rock everytime.... :-)

Mad Momma said...

Thursday, May 24, 2007
8 things you don't know about me

...and probably won't want to know anyway... but I have been tagged by DJ Kirby and I must be a sport!! Am picking up a trick from Desiwitch. One of the points is untrue. Guess which one. And I did 9 instead of 8 so that I stick with the requisite eight.

1. I eat no breakfast - just tea and biscuits. And then I have cornflakes for lunch.

2. I don't step on cracks in the pavement.

3. I had a Barbie birthday cake at the grand old age of 8!

4. I am in touch with all my exes and on very, very peaceful terms. No bridges burnt. I am not in touch with any of my ex-bosses. All those bridges burnt! Hmm... says a lot about me!

5. I've worked as a flight attendant.

6. I wanted to name my daughter Naomi and my son Yohann. Nothing came of that.

7. I can't swim or take a flight without being in absolute agony - an ENT problem. So I'm the one you see striking a pose by the poolside.

8. I don't like chocolate.

9. I do excellent needlework.

Ishtar said...

@ Mad Momma: You don't like chocolate? And you don't have breakfast? Ah, don't know what I would do without breakfast... with coffee!!! :-) Speaking of names, my mother wanted to name me Olga. I'm glad nothing came out of that! Thanks for sharing!

@ Mark: I'm glad you were satisfied with the results. Made it worth the effort!

@ Nihal: Looking forward to your contribution!

@ Rainbow: Yes, me and pets sort of go hand in hand... Don't know how one person can receive so much stimulation from four-legged animals (and two legged - baboons count as well!) but that's just the way it is. I'm not a cat person however; there'll be horses and dogs and goats and perhaps a parrot or two one day, but not a cat unless anybody else in the house grows desperate for one... :-)

@ Pamela: Hausa people have a great expression for goat head: Taurin Kai. It literally means Thick Head and I've just fallen in love with that expression. I think it's meant to be derrogative but I use it as a compliment - to my horse, my friend Nettus and myself! We are all of the "taurin kai species"!