Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Picture of my sister's dissertation

Jönköping, June 20th 2007

After the Defence, the head of her supervising committee held a speech

Having passed, my sister is awarded her very own Swedish PhD hat - which I didn't even know existed!!

There was even a dissertation cake! The things I learned about Swedish formality...

Over at the feast location, the flowers were being places on the tables

And my sister and I traded states of mind - she started to relax and me started to worry, as my part of the evening (as toastmaster) was just about to start.

The evening went great however, and the ambiance was wonderful!

So glad we could all be together!

Both my parents held speeches, which were very much appreciated!

My sister then got to open presents, which she seemed to appreciate, even though she's never really enjoyed being the center of attention.

Much unlike her younger sister, who voluntarily had put together a play where she went out of her way to play the role of a young ambitious overly optimistic research apprentice who soon found out that the road to perfection was not as easy as she had first imagined...

And last but not least, the food was great!
Hope you enjoyed, for we most certainly did!



photogchic said...

Looks like a wonderful time--It is dinner time here, and just seeing that spread makes me hungry. I have never had a slice of dissertation cake:-) How was it and can I get the recipe?:-) Just kidding---hahaha
Good times.

L said...

Wow, looks great! Congratulations to your sis!

L said...
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Don Thieme said...

Your sister well deserves all those honors and congratulations. I know all too well how much work it takes!

Ishtar said...

Thanks, guys!

JIBS has now its own page about her PhD. Unfortunately, it's in Swedish:


childwoman said...

Warm congratutations to your sister and your family..I am mighty proud of you girls...really, you al are so wonderful, living a purposeful life...When I saw the picture of your sister and mum hugging, I cried....it was so touching...God bless you all....!!

childwoman said...

And oh...you looked great..the color of the dress is so good...deep maroon is it?? and the entire family looked glamourous too.....hmmm..now don't even get me started on the food....!! :)

Ugo Daniels said...

Wow, this is so detailed and completely overwhelming!