Thursday, July 05, 2007


There are different times for everything.

There is a time to be joyful, and a time to be sad.
There is a time to laugh, and a time to cry.

This should be a time of darkness,
and similar situations have previously tormented my soul.
This time however, it's all different.

I feel neither fear nor despair, for there is light in the darkness.
There is peace and there is joy.
There is fulfillment in my heart,
and every time I get back from my mother's hospital room,
I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and hope.

I cannot really describe it -
it is not something I have done through my own power.
It is a gift, and I am so immensely grateful for it.

I know that there are many people out there
who look at my mother's situation and feel despair.
Many who think that we should be angry,
resentful and bitter towards God.
I do not feel any of those things.
My mother is at peace, she is full of hope,
and eagerly awaiting her promised gift.
Although we do not always get the promises that we want,
He always keeps the one he gives.

But no matter what happens in the future,
I do not believe that life can get any better than this.
I never expected my soul to feel such peace in such a dark hour,
but it does.

There is joy and there is happiness.
There is gratitude and there is love.
There is hope.

And all that in abundance.

We have all reason to grieve,
but there is no room left for that in our hearts.
How could my soul do anything but rejoice??



L said...

What a great testimony! :-)

One thing that has comforted me about Heaven is reading what the Bible says about what it will actually be like - not harps and white clouds, but so much more than we could even begin to imagine!

Joni Earickson Tada's book "Heaven" is a really great one, as is Todd Agnew's song "The Martyr's Song" which is written from the perspective of Jesus as He welcomes someone HOME.

I will pray for your family that God continues to give you that peace and hope, and the sense of His love.

Ugo Daniels said...

Great words of inspiration, my friend. han gin there and believe you can do anything with God by ya side. All da best! :)

Patricia Singleton said...

What beautiful words of love, faith and peace. Thank you for sharing them.