Friday, July 27, 2007

Beautiful Africa has been given its own space!

The Beautiful Africa Blog Carnival has moved! Szavanna kept asking me how to go about in order to help me out, and before I knew it, the Carnival had a page of its own:

Check it out!

If anybody else would like to be co-author of the carnival, let me know!

Also, if anybody has landscape pictures from South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Namibia, let me know. I haven't been to those countries so I don't have pix to post in the side bar.



the mad momma said...

hey..just followed you comments back.. i do enjoy your blog a lot.. but where is the tag?!

NIHAL said...

Hi Ishtar,

I'm wishing you all the success for the blog carnival. Can't wait to read more :)

loomnie said...

hi ishtar, i volunteer to co-author the carnival...

Ishtar said...

Thanks guys!

Travel Betty said...

Glad to see your carnival take off, Ishtar! I'll try to send you some Namibia pix. I went there last year and it was completely stunning!