Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hasty journey to the field station

Today, I went on "mission" to Dalli (Tanout) to get some footage of the environmental changes that have occurred at the field station, since the project's arrival in 1987. It was a fun job but a challenge because how do you capture live footage of something that isn't moving? I'll let you know in some time if the footage was used for its intended purpose!

The field station has certainly changed over the years! It used to be a barren field.

Just looking at the contrast between the field station and its neighboring fields, and you get a sense of what the field station looked like from the start (though much worse). Trees are important, but establishing them is no hasty business.

The greatest challenge however was keeping my balance on the roof top of the car. You wouldn't believe how strong the winds are! However, after three hours I had acquired about one hour of footage and was satisfied. After two hours in a warm car, we came home to no water (this was the second day), but I walked over to my cousins to have a shower and a cup of coffee (I needed that after all that exhausting heat!) before taking Thomas out for a riding lesson. A full day, in other words!


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