Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sick again!

Some people have been wondering what I have been doing lately. Well, for the past ten days, I've been sick with a virus, and have been spending most of my days in bed! Last Saturday, I had such a migraine that I couldn't put things together in my head anymore. I couldn't count from 11-20 (I knew the words but they didn't make any sense), didn't know what a guava was (only vaguely recognizing the word without being able to associate it with anything) and couldn't say the word fever, although I still knew how to spell it. It was a very bizarre condition, but thankfully, it only lasted as long as the migraine did and does not seem to have done any permanent damage... ;-)

I am now doing better (as you can see from this beautiful picture I took this siesta!) although my head is still very heavy and the fever has been exchanged for my good old dizziness... Currently, my father is sick (seems to be the same virus) and one of our workers also had a fever this morning, so it seems to be something that spreads... Just hope I'll be up and running soon. I'm running out of patience and good books!


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Hanna Grönberg said...

Poor thing! I'm glad you're getting better now. I hope you really get to enjoy the last weeks before you go back to Sweden!