Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Baobab forest

Mirriah is not only known for its market place however; in fact, it is even more known for its huge Baobab forest. These trees were sowed a very long time ago and are of great value to the families that owns them. During the rainy season, they produce the much desired Baobab leaves (that are sold at every market) and during the dry season, they produce the very nutritious and very tasty Baobab fruits.

People on their way to the market, which opened late because of the dusty (and "cold"!) weather!

Two sisters-in-law enjoying the seat on a bent palm tree...

Sofia seems quite small in proportion to the 150 year old Baobab tree! But at least they both fit on the picture!

OK, so we could have climbed higher, but for the sake of the picture (and our security) we stayed close to each other... :-)

On the way home, we passed a herd of goats!



Sweetiepie said...

Baobab! Tänk att få uppleva det själv... underbart!
Suck, här är det kallt och trist. Längtar efter dig vännen!
Kramar i massvis...

Szavanna said...

Hi there Ishtar - this is my pick for the 6th edition. This month things were really hectic - I hope you like the selection.

Much greetings to you, anna