Thursday, December 14, 2006

Preparing for the national day

The president is coming here on the 18th December, to celebrate Niger's national day. Horses and camels from every vicinity of the country have arrived and are currently camping at the race track, where they will perform on the National Day. Yesterday, Sofia and I got ourselves a slight shock as we rode out there on Arwen and Snövit. The camels (twice their size) coming in full speed scared them to death; and so today, I went out with Arwen by myself and Sofia went by car together with Elisabeth and the boys. Good thing they brought their cameras, because there was much to see!

Camels, camels, camels... Beautiful creatures!

The horses were working on their "parade", forming the letter Z which would represent Zinder.

Arwen watched the whole process with great interest... However, after having trained endurance together with her owner, she ended up with a very big fan club that wanted to know everything there was to know about her!

I was told later by the another race horse owner that they wondered what I had done with the crowd, as everybody was supporting Arwen! Nice people!


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