Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am tired, but not exhausted.
I am stressed, but not stressed out.
I am confused, but not lost.
I am worried, but have not given up.
I am restless, but at the same time, full of expectations.
I feel small, but I'm in good hands.

Should I be complaining? I think not.
The circumstances may not be the best,
but life is good and I am grateful.

Hope you've all been having a good week!


Izz said...

Star, for me it's been the most fruitful week. Very happy to announce that instead of wallowing with the wind, the momentum to write my book is picking up each day and in fact, I managed to immerse myself in the whole thing. I'm in a trance.

Izz said...

I hope that yours was brilliant, but looking at the words above, the insightful words, it seems it was one of more valuable self-discovery.

childwoman said...

My week was not so good. Mum has been feeling weak now. So I was home for couple of days. Along with disappointments in professional and personal front. i am trying to control my life now. I trying to steer it the way i want. I hope your week was good. Have great weekend ahead hun!!

Szavanna said...

Hi there - happy to see all these great posts on your blog! I hope I will have the time this weekend to read them. So tell me about the carnival - how do you plan to run it in the future - how can one make sure that it continues over the next months? Have a relaxing weekend and say hello to your family.I met Linda again my Swedish friend who came to visit one evening with the "Ramatlabama girl":) - suddenly there was the bell - and it was the two of them and a pizza delivery. We spent the whole evening chatting about life - and you :) greetings from Szavanna

loomnie said...

Week has been crazy. I think I'm burnt out from too much work. I should be off on holiday in two weeks, and I hope to come back fresh. In the meantime, I will spend this weekend trying not to touch anything that looks like a book.... Hope you have a great weekend too.

Ishtar said...

Wow guys, seems like Izz and Szavanna have been the lucky ones! But anyway, hanging in there is an art in itself as well, and today, I am joyful that my boss called me and told me I did not have to come to work, which meant I got the chance of getting to blog instead! And do some other things as well. My mom is coming home from hospital this weekend!

Take care, you all! I will be working 100% this weekend...

Miracle said...

Great Blog. I found it through the Reach For Magnificance blog carnival. Alot of times, we get put stress on ourselves for little reason. Most of the time, we truly should be content in our circumstances