Friday, December 15, 2006

The camels show off

Yesterday, the horses worked on their parade; today, it was the camels' turn. Mmmm, those animals have been created for parades! They absolutely love it!! And I can't believe how peaceful they are; you put five bulls side by side and they walk with their heads together - no fighting... Now if it were horses........... Yes, you get it all right!

Some however did more than work on the parade, they tested their camel's "gudu"!

Mmm, I wouldn't want to race my horse against them... Once the camels have found their speed, they are incredibly endurant! It's amazing how easy they make it look, "flying" over the deep sand...

Now there were some small races as well, and Ali actually convinced me to let Arwen run. She was really happy about it, even though her jockey Chinada was not around (she got another one, a certain Yaronbaba), and to the cheering of the crowd, she won her race... I could not really believe it but I was happy to see that she did not give her all (still, that was enough to win...); now she will take it easy until the little one comes out. I've been "talking" to a vet on the Internet, who said that a turnout in the garden will probably be enough for her, so despite Arwen's love for gudu, she will be taking it easy from now on... Even if that means I have to send her back to Ali for a while!


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