Monday, December 11, 2006

A grey variation of Snow White...

Sahara is still limping, so today we took up the offer from Altiné: to ride his new mare. He asked me to give her a nice Swedish name, and as a joke, we offered "Snövit" (Snow white). The poor mare however is not the least white, but of this not so beautiful grey combination that you finda ll to often (as it is a dominant color). Anyway, Altiné fell in love with the name, and voilà, Snövit it is!

I had tried her once before, and because Arwen was restless, Sofia rode Snövit today. She did not like her, however. Snövit is not a well trained horse. In fact, she hasn't been used for anything at all; neither walking from one village to another, or being allowed to race. You wouldn't believe what Altiné paid for her - more than 50% more than I paid for Sahara and then it must be mentioned that Sahara can actually run! But Snövit's main purpose was to be a brood mare. However, Altiné's mind is changing and he wants me to train her like I've trained Arwen. But for that, he says, he will keep his eyes closed and not ask any questions, as he knows I love "gudu" too much... :-)


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