Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You're it!

Ok, so a friend of mine just let me know that I was "it" and that I should write six weird things about myself. As if six would be enough, lol! Being part Scandianvian part Nigerien, what did she expect??? :-)

Anyway, here's my contribution:

  1. I refer to machines as if they are people, and when they don’t work or act like I want them to, I take for granted that they are male.
  1. I can’t stand when series are broken. If I buy a novel that I like, I often want to have all the novels that of the same author but I often never have the time to read to read them.
  1. I like many things but I don’t have any favorite color, favorite movie, favorite novel, favorite musician or a best friend. I’m just not a “favorite”-sort of person!
  1. When I’m in Niger, I’m nuts about matching colors, even down to my flip-flops (hence why I have six pairs).
  1. I have a funny attitude to sleep. My brain is working at its peak, moments before I fall asleep; when I say that I’m tired and that I’m about to fall asleep, it literally means that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’ll be fast asleep ; I wake up if someone is standing in the doorway watching me and it happens that I wake up after having fallen asleep and find myself in the middle of a conversation with someone – a conversation that I have started. Needless to say, those conversations are often pretty wacky and it’s as good as impossible to follow my train of thoughts.
  1. I mostly talk to God in English, sometimes in Swedish but never in French.

The rules specify that I should choose other bloggers who should do the same, but I think I wait a while for some of my good friends to start blogging before I pass it on... :-)


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Hanna Grönberg said...

Yeah, we know about your mania with matching colours!! :)