Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dehydrated and emaciated

My brother is doing well (fortunately, the wound wasn't deep), but I have another creature at home who isn't. Aslan has been sick for two weeks now and hasn't been eating for ten days. We're not sure what he got exactly, but it seems to be a combination of virus together with exhaustion after having courted Kinza for two weeks on a fasting stomach.
Between him and Arwen (who is doing fine now by the way) I have had my hands full making sure they're all right, especially after Aslan got dehydrated and I had to force him to swallow 40ml of sugar, salt & water mix every 20 minutes or so. Then his leg doubled in size due to a negative reaction to the antibiotics he got and this caused him to get even more depressed.
He is now getting better again, but that is after a lot of hard work and medication. He is still not eating properly (in his mind, he was food-poisoned; it's always the food that's to blame) but at least he started to eat liver yesterday and we're just taking it very slowly from there.



Hanna Grönberg said...

You're it! Check my blog for further instructions!

hanna grönberg said...

Hallå! Skriv nåt konstigt om dig själv snart! Jag vill läsa!!