Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hitting the concrete

Today, Josef and my father came back from Kano, where they had dropped off Renate and Tabita at the airport. An hour or so after arriving, we got a phone call from Josef who was bleeding. He had jumped over a telephone wire and hit the wall with his head. It did not look pretty but fortunately, Elisabeth is a trained nurse so she was handed over the responsibility of taking care of the wound. Once it was bandaged, my Dad and I brought him home with us to spend the night. My mom suggested that he might want to borrow one of my riding helmets next time he decides to be so athletic! :-)



Karin Andersson said...

Uscha! Det där såg inte trevligt ut alls!

ET said...

Shit "pommes frites" that doesn't look nice at all! Hope he'll be ok.