Thursday, June 14, 2007

My love affair with palm trees

I have a special relationship to palm trees. It is without a doubt my favorite tree, but unfortunately, most of them grow in wet areas and take ages to grow.

There are palms that are drought tolerant however, and one day, when I've settled in a house where I know I will be living for a long period of time (and where there is room for my entire ark of animal collection and my large extended family!), I will make sure to surround myself with these amazing trees.



photogchic said...

My favorite tree is called a "monkey tree." (probably not the scientific name) It looks like the have a bunch of monkey arms curling down from them. There is a huge one a block away and I love it when there is a good wind---it looks like monkeys are waving at you:-)

Ishtar said...

We all have that special relationship to trees! There are few times when I say "the bigger the better" but in this case, the greater the tree, the more impressed I am. Except for that special palm charm... However I must say that a monkey waving tree sounds delightful as well!


hanna grönberg said...

I love palm trees too Ishtar! I mean LOVE them!