Monday, June 18, 2007


Wow, I cannot believe that I am finally done! Although I am not sure I will get that higher grade that I was hoping for due to persistent lack of time, I did my best according to the circumstances and handed in my essay ten minutes before deadline. That is, just now.

I am so thrilled. I don't care what the final grade will be; it's just a question of having completed a long overdue task. Mmm, the art of procrastination in all its glory but perhaps I am beginning to see the joy in putting things behind me as well. At least I am quite certain that I will sleep well tonight!




I'm sure u would make a fine grade

thanks for stopping by my blog

Izz said...

My friend, I'm having sleepless nights with three overdue essays that hang like an axe over my head. And it's unbelievable how much misery undone work can be in ones life. I must get them done and get to feel like you.

Ishtar said...

Ah Izz, you poor thing! I really, really feel for you!!! Better get started with the most inspiring of them, and concentrate on one step at the time!

princess said...

I feel you babe.The feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a task.
Enjoy the sleep and thanks for dropping by.

Rising Rainbow said...

I hate deadlines. I am notorious for not getting things done until just in the nick of time.