Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Born with a passion!

It's funny how some things date back as far as you can remember. When posting the pictures of the last post, I suddenly wondered: Has there ever been a time when I wasn't hooked on animals?

Cyprus 1982 - A toddler on a mission:
"Mommy - now THAT's where we're heading."

Cyprus 1983 - Too young to known that pigs are "low status" animals in most parts of the world. In my eyes, they were gorgeous!

Tunisia 1985 - when my love for Barb horses was awakened

Zinder 1987 - A rare picture of me in the background (where animals are concerned). Monkeys were definitively a little more frightening; especially those that jumped and bit. As the youngest in the family, I was also the easiest target for Sandy's hierarchical ambitions.

Zinder (Niger) 1988 - When one of the Eden volunteers got herself a dog, everybody knew where to find me...

Tjömme (Norway) 1988 - For some reason, my younger second cousin was slightly less enthusiastic about these marvelous creatures! However, today, she is a cat person, which explains it all.

Stavanger (Norway) 1990 - Always loved visiting relatives with dogs. This collie was actually a model, so I wasn't the only one who found it beautiful.

Stavanger 1990 - "Now this is tricky... Will it fly off me if I move?"

Falkenberg 1991 - Posing with Chaski, the father of Bamse. A great working dog who always asked for something to do. If there was no tennis ball in sight, he would bring whatever was available; from golf balls to rotten apples.

Zinder 2000 - Bamse, daughter of Chaski and just as intelligent. Unfortunately, with her mother being a Bernese Mountain Dog, she was little preoccupied with doing what she was supposed to and I am quite sure that in her eyes, I belonged to her and not the way around...

Zinder 2001 - Rediscovering my love for Barbs (well, that actually started in 1998)

Zinder 2002 - Moving on to new challenges, although I have made up my mind not to have my own baboon as long as I keep traveling the way I do

Niamey (Niger) 2005 - It must be universally known by now that animals make a great complement to any picture!

Zinder 2005 - It's unfortunate when you have to say goodbye though. This was the last picture of Bamse and me; she died three weeks after I left for Sweden (nearly fourteen years old). She had a good life and we had lots of fun together, but I still miss her though!



photogchic said...

Great photos. I can see the joy that animals bring you. I like the chubby Corgi.

L said...

Wow, you really remind me of ME! We even look similar - could it be because I am part Swedish? ;-D

Anyway, I love these pictures, especially the toddler ones.

Ishtar said...

Photochic: ah, you fell for the corgi did you? Personally I think I was mostly in love with the pigs, didn't know they were meant for eating though. And then I was always running towards lambs... A lamb fetish? Today I mostly eat them... But they really are sweet-looking!

L: Yes Swedish heritage says it all, after all, we're such a tiny part of the world population so the chances of similarity are so much greater! :-)

azuka said...

I'm not a dog person either. I think cats are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world...

Ishtar said...

Well good thing for us there is some variation to choose from, or what do you say Azuka?? :-)