Sunday, June 03, 2007

The inevitable when holidaying with me (updated)

Ok, so here's a post in reply to Karin's comment inNature offers a Time-Out. Her comment:
"You just can't pass an animal without taking a picture of it, can you? I remember our cycling vacation in Skåne, lol!"

Skåne - summer 2003

Very true, I am guilty as charged. We went cycling in the south of Sweden; a fabulous week with great company great weather, and great scenery. Helsingborg by the sea was definitively my favorite town - but towns are rarely the highlights of any trip.

Helsingborg 2003

Now, our teamwork was quite interesting. Karin made sure we stopped regularly to eat properly (she's a dietitian today) while I made sure we stopped to enjoy all the animals!

I had actually forgotten how many pictures there was of me together with animals in some way, until I looked in the archives!

Ishtar: "Ah - a cow!" First thought? "Let's feed it!"

Ishtar: "Ah - a foal!" First thought? "Let's bond!"

We did have fun riding Island ponies on our way back (which was Karin's idea!). It was a great week, one of the best vacations I've ever had!

I think that everybody who's been on holiday with me knows that I always end up taking pictures of the beautiful creatures. Even better, right in their midst!!

In 1999, Hanna and I went to Paris together, and what do I find?

... a picture of her posing in front of yellow German flowers...

... Ishtar having a closer look at a German mare & foal...

... and then a goat!

We did end up seeing a lot of Paris though (maybe because they had so few animal distractions?)

We learned so much about French culture (and the fact that you can never walk safely on the Champs Elysées if the color of your hair is blond...). Good thing though that we were good at defending ourselves!



Jennifer said...

Jag håller med dig Esther, djur är underbara, så varför inte ta chansen att umgås med dessa härliga skapelser när den bjuds!?? Björn brukar reta mig för att jag hejjar på varje skata/kråka jag ser (enligt honom). Hoppas du får en bra dag! Jag ska börja gå introduktion på mitt sommarjobb idag - ett äldreboende.

hanna grönberg said...

Nice to see you take the opportunity to show HORRIBLE pictures of me. Thanks mate! And, about the trip to Paris, as I remember it, it was not so much about learning about French culture as hunting for British stunners...

hanna grönberg said...

Do you remember who took that photos of us by the Seine...?

hanna grönberg said...


Ishtar said...

Oh yes, I remember the good-looking Brittish hunk who spilled coke all over himself in his efforts to please us... :-)

hanna grönberg said...

Ah, happy days... ;)

Seraphine said...

The thing I notice most is a life well lived. I love that you stop to look at flowers and feed the cows as you go. /hugs

Ugo Daniels said...

Hey babes, tnx for stopping by mine. Still curious as to how you found my blog. I can see you're a pics person like me. Very interesting. Will be back to read more.

Btw, am reserving a permanent seat here, cos i'll always be back to read ya posts.

Do have a lovely day..xx

Ishtar said...

Hi Ugo! Found your blog through Afrigator. Told you I was lucky only to to receive positive feedback!