Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Reasons for having a dog

Reasons for having a dog?
1. Great company!
2. Best of all "guardiens" as they have a very reliable intuition on who should be "in" and who should be "out".
3. Wonderfully successful hunters!

Donja - my brother's dog - caught this not-so-little fellow in 2004. She meant to bring food to the table, but what she didn't know was that rat meat is not on our personal list of edible things... I do know people who fancy it, but not being that experimental when it comes to culinary novelties of which I unfortunately know the origin, I choose to pass. Which makes me such a conservative nasara for I eat neither locusts, nor rats. Nor frogs, dogs or monkeys. The funny thing though is that I can't actually say any of it tastes bad, because I haven't ever tried!

I do know however that elephant meat is nice (the park keepers of Yankari offered us a sample) and that the Kangaroo steak I ate in Copenhagen was delicious!



Ugo Daniels said...

I don't have a dog, neither am i hoping to get one soon. I have what you can call dogphobia-fear of dogs. It stems from a childhood experience i had with dogs, been living with the fear ever since.

I can only accomodate the lil puppies, those ones without!

Rising Rainbow said...

I miss having a dog. They are a nice sense a security in a crazy world.

I'm pretty conservative about what I eat. No doubt that rodents and locusts wouldn't be on my list either. And probably not the elephant or kangaroo. LOL

Nettus said...

I would love to have a dog again! I miss to not have a dog so much but hopefully we will have two(!!) in a couple of months! I´m so looking forward to it...

Travel Betty said...

We're considering getting our first dog. My only worry is that I travel too much!

photogchic said...

My little terrier killed a mouse really freaked me out. I saw it run across the floor and I screamed and Ellie came running down the stairs and cornered it, scooped it up in her mouth, and shook it to death. Then she dropped it and sat down next to it and waited to be "thanked." I felt so bad for the little thing, but Ellie was quite proud of herself.

Ishtar said...

Oh, the dogs are genuinely proud of the themselves, lol! My mares are currently being guarded by Baloo, who loved to chase lizards in his youth. He kept letting them go just of fun, so that he could enjoy recapturing them again. Maybe it's not only cats that are evil... :-)