Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Art of Procrastination

Although the essay was in the end entitled "Anticipating the Future of English as a Global Language", I would have - if given the opportunity (and note: we were not) - written something much more exiting (and to which I would be a much more qualified author!), most likely entitled something in line with: "How to Procrastinate a Sociolinguistic Essay".

An art which is superbly demonstrated in picture above, where I, while drinking delicious coffee, am thinking of everything and anything but the sociolinguistic arguments that will bring me closer to the fulfillment of another task. OK, so the picture was taken in Niger showing a slightly slimmer me, but the point still stands. Procrastination is a very enjoyable phenomenon. Much more exiting than the 'phenomenon of a global language' which I have been struggling to explain for the past few days (hence the reason for lack of blog updates!).

I did manage in the end. It took some blood, sweat and tears and not nearly as much procrastination as I could have applied, had my little horses for example been within reach.

Speaking of which, I have now added a little countdown at the bottom of this blog, letting us all know when I can stop dreaming about heading south and actually get to do it. Only 90 days left. Time is ticking!

Cheers to all of you; now I'm off to get some well-deserved sleep!



Hanna grönberg said...

Haha, I like the picture. I am very well skilled in the art of procrastination myself...

karin andersson said...

Hejsan du!

Härligt att du blev färdig med uppsatsen tillslut! 90 dagar är ju nästan ingenting! Eller, det är ju 3 månader om man ska vara exakt, men det är ändå inte länge. Bra att du i alla fall stannar såpass länge, för vi vill ju få chansen att umgås med dig också!


photogchic said...

Yeah!!! You are done! Congrats and get some shut eye. Instead of counting sheep, count days left until Niger:-)