Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nature offers a time-out

The greatest disadvantages with struggling with an essay (or anything that demands your full intellectual attention) is that, in order to keep my energy level up, I spend most of the time nibbling on sometime. Had I been in Niger, I would have been out riding in the mornings or in the afternoons, but in this tight-scheduled country, there's been no time for any kind of extra these past few weeks. But with the essay, finally done with, I decided it was time to celebrate and headed out into the forest for a good run.

Ah...! Swedish landscape in summertime is beautiful and refreshing! And believe it or not, the sun was actually shining for a few moments there!

The pigs were out; although the newborn piglets didn't come close enough for me to catch them with my mobile phone camera. Nonetheless, the two older pigs were happy to be of (photographic) service!

After 30 minutes of running, I was tired! But it felt really, really good and I was reminded, once again, of how much I miss the horses, who take me out on regular time-outs no matter how much work there is to do...

Oh well, better move on to the next task. Cheers!



karin andersson said...

Du bara KAN inte passera ett djur utan att ta kort på det, eller hur?! ;) Minns hur det var på vår cykelsemester i Skåne - hihi!! Vad duktig du är som är ute och springer! Och jag håller med - nu på försommaren är den svenska naturen som vackrast. På tal om vackert - vilket fint kort det var på dig!

Kram Karin

hanna grönberg said...

Bra system för att se ung och vacker ut. Vad är tekniken? Finns den på min dator tro?

Ishtar said...

The function is called watercolors. Great tool by the way! That way, viewers are spared the sweaty details!

Rising Rainbow said...

The pathway is absolutely beautiful. Glad you got your essay done.