Thursday, September 27, 2007

Visiting the nomads

While we were out in the bush today, we encountered a nomad family slightly south of Tanout town.

They were watering their animals, and I did not hesitate to bring out my camera.

I must say, I have always had very much respect for the nomads' beloved creatures and previously always kept a safe distance to their impressive horns. But this time, I had a mission, and as I approached them, they chose to approach me, and all of sudden, we had bonded...

Never thought I would fall in love with a calf, but I must admit, this guy really charmed me!!



photogchic said...

What beautiful Brahmas (I think)!! Amazing animals. What a treat to come across those guys.

karin andersson said...

Jag har aldrig tvivlat på att du skulle kunna bli kär i en kalv. För Esther Garvi är det mer än logiskt!

Philippe said...

Nice animals, actually, in Niger we call them "Zebu". I didn't know about Brahmas. Am I right Ishtar? But English isn't my first language.

Ishtar said...

Yes, I know the cows as Zebus as well, but then again, Niger is French speaking. However, I think they're called zebu cows in Swedish as well.

Mc Vickers said...

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