Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pictures from Kano

No Pamela, I haven't relocated to Kano. We just travel there because it's got the closest airport! Didn't stay for long, but one day is enough for me. Here are some pictures!


Nettus with the professional beggars

Kano, Kano, Kano... Activity everywhere!

All the impressions can make you tired...

That's it for this edition folks!



pamelastitch said...

i guess too much activity compared to Niger...eh?

I have never been to Kano but i hope to go there some day - as i mentioned that is my mom's birth place. I will also love to go back to Jos as an adult and sight see through adult eyes. I went to Sokoto once, for my aunt's wedding and one thing i remember is the camels - or animals that looked like them? Did you see any camels in Kano??


pamelastitch said...

reading some disturbing things about Niger right now....i hope all is well....