Monday, September 10, 2007

Our first riding expedition (this season!)

At first, Nettus was slightly skeptical and not all that keen to be dragged up on the very same horse that only a year ago left the race track and sent Nettus flying through the air...

It turned out however that the combination of wonderful scenery, good company (that would be moi, yes!) and a change of character in Sahara (such an obedient darling, she was!) was such a success that both Nettus and I can hardly wait until next weekend arrives! Let's just hope the scenery stays green that long (seeing it hasn't rained more than once since our arrival...).

Cheers everyone!
We're off to move some furniture over at "the ark"!



szavanna said...

Hm this reminds me of my time riding horses in USA - I actually wouldn't mind trying it again :) You guys seem to be having fun there.

photogchic said...

Way to go Nettus! Looks so beautiful there.

Jill said...

Underbart vackert!