Sunday, September 23, 2007

A memorable ride

I must say I was lucky, because it's not every day that a visitor of Eden comes along and happens to have a few years of riding experience in the luggage. We were happy to find some time on Sunday afternoon to head out into the bush.

He got to ride Sahara - Nettus horse, our delightful little "Taurin kai" (lit translates The thicked-headed but what it really means is the stubborn one) who is always a safe card before of her unwillingness to try anything new...

Both horses were keen and ready to go. Here's Arwen wondering why I am taking so long checking the gear, but since I no longer have the possibility to ride them out every day, I need to check that everything is in order so that nothing will break once we're in the bush.

Few things scare these two girls, so riding out of the city is not a problem!

Nettus followed us for 10 minutes, but then the horses got restless so we picked up some speed and galloped all the way to Mandara.

It was a great outing and our visitor said later that it was one of the coolest experiences he had had! It was a good thing we didn't get to do it until the last day of his visit, or he would have demanded to be taken out every day and we might not have gotten all the work done!



Anonymous said...

Great Page Thanks.

Philippe said...

Keep writting Ishtar,Since I discovered your blog I am checking it everyday, and was worried during the week end not seeing any new post... But I guess you did post during the week end and they did not appeared to me until this morning, so it must to be the "mistery" of internet!!! Anyhow, like I said keep writting, you are bringing me back to the country of my childhood, it seems like nothing changed there since I left.
Thanks a lot,

photogchic said...

Outstanding Ishtar! Great photos--what a perfect day. Are the horses Barbs? Do they still race? I have to spend some time backtracking thru your blog and catch up with all your adventures---by scanning thru the photos, looks like you are having the time of your life. Good times:-)

Ishtar said...

@Anonymous: thanks!

@Philippe: Although I wish I could blog more often, Internet connections are such a hassle right now, so I often end up posting several posts at once. But I still keep the correct date so that you'll know when it happened... I'm glad you've discovered this blog! Where did you live when you were here?

@Photogchic: So true, perfect horses, perfect company and perfect horses. Yup, they are 100% West African Barbs. I actually took the decision to stop racing for money, after my second jockey (YB) stopped working for me. I really do appreciate the training part, but with all horses being drugged every time the money comes out, it doesn't matter how easily Arwen beats the stallions at training - she can't beat the drugs and I will never care for winning enough to drug her. I did make the decision to pull out (of racing) before I bought her a brand new jockey saddle, and so I have plans to bring her to training one day and just let YB ride her for fun. Don't worry, I'll be thorough in my documentation!

Oh well, was about to post another entry but couldn't access the page I needed, so I'll better head out in the bush as planned and hope for a better Internet day tomorrow! Thanks for all the commenting, everybody!

Cheers, Ishtar

Philippe said...

I lived over 20 yearsin Niamey, my whole childhood... I did my schooling at Le cours Lafontaine. My Mom was working for the FED (Fond Europeen de developpement) then later on for the Belgium Embassy. My Dad was working for the OMNES (part of the Health Ministry). Of course we travel all over Niger, including the Tenere (and the Tafassasset up to Djado) as well as the Air, Agadez, Iferouane, Timia (My Mom's German Sheperd is named Timia), The Tapoa (Parc of W), Ayorou, Dosso, Maradi, Tahoua (actually one of my last cats is named Tahoua), Zinder, Madahoua (sp), etc... We also travelled outside Niger and went to the Somba Country (North Benin and north Togo), to the Dogon Country (Mali), Tombouctou, etc... Now I live in the Caribbeans on the island of st Martin (as you can see on my blog) and I still missing Niger very deeply.
Thanks for posting about this wonderful country!

pamelastitch said...


oh wow!!

DrowseyMonkey said...

Yes, I'm glad to see some new posts too! I really love your blog & tell everyone I know about it. Keep doing what you do!