Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mechouï with friends

Tonight, my father (who's been around for about ten days with two visitors from Norway) invited us all over to a Mechouï - which is what we in Niger call a whole lamb grilled with vegetables and couscous.

Here I am posing with the chef!

Nettus tried this exclusive delicacy for the first time and was not disappointed!

Once we are done (a few hours later!) the second feast begins. This has always been the highlight of the evening for my mother and I. Tonight, the three guard dogs assembled before the guests and surprised us all with the well behaved manners! Well, Kinza the Polish Alsacian (bought in Nigeria) did bite my hand but it was unintentional. She's just not always concentrated on what she does (except when guarding).

This picture depicts Bagheera walking away with half the spine...

...but there was enough for all of them, and we were all very satisfied!


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