Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This season's first journey to the field station

After just one day at the Eden office in Zinder, Nettus and I joined forces with the rest of the team and headed up for a full day in the sun at the field station!

Although it's green and the grass hasn't dried yet, one still had to watch one's step for cram-cram!

Now after a full day, I must admit that I am really tired and very much ready to go home and get some rest!



pamelastitch said...

what is a cram cram??

Beaman said...

Yes, what is cram cram?

Tauratinzwe said...

I'm not familiar with the expression cram cram either, but from the context, I bet one "nose" when one steps in it. ;-) [But then, I could be wrong.]

Ishtar said...

Cram-cram is a nasty little grass with pods that sticks to everything, like a tiny cactus ball. Unless you have wet fingers, they'll stick to your skin when you try to remove them. Not sure what other people call it but here in Niger, it's cram-cram. Nettus just calls them "crums". :-)