Saturday, September 15, 2007

Famine food

With the rich of the world constantly chasing tastes, I wonder how came the tasty poor man's food has been labeled "famine food". Why is it that what we do not know is always discarded as non-edible?

For those who wonder, the photo depicts Ishtar eating Nigerien famine food (and loving it!) while at lunch at her brother's place.



photogchic said...

Looks like seaweed...what is famine food?

Ishtar said...

Famine food is a derogative expression that the Western world used during the so called famine in 2004-05 concerning the local Nigerien food. Leaves (from both annuals and perennials) are an important (and nutritious) part of the traditional diet. They taste similar to spinach and works the same way (not as good raw as cooked).

But by the way, isn't seaweed a delicacy somewhere in the world?

Tauratinzwe said...

Yes! Seaweed is great!

Sushi (a sweet/vinegar-rice mixture not to be confused with sashime -raw fish- which is called sushi in the USA) is often wrapped in a sheet of pressed dry seaweed. There's a special seaweed, ogo, that is popular in Hawaii, especially among those of Japanese descent. Strips of dry seaweed make a tasty snack and it is also used on rice crackers, arare.

I love it!