Sunday, February 03, 2008

Taking another visitor for a ride

Horseback riding in the never ending outback of Zinder is something all horse people need to experience at some point in their lives. Although there are loads of things you can do better elsewhere, this is one of the things where Niger takes a lead over most other places in the world.

Now our good friend Ahmed had seen me ride to the race track and had heard me talk about the bush, and so I had to show him. And I was happy to find out that he was not afraid to venture outside! We hooked him up with Sahara, who's such a stable sensible ride, and because Arwen was limping, I borrowed a young stallion named Rio from the Snowman.

Nettus followed us out, but just a little while later we were on our own. We had a fabulous time, covering a large extended space for almost two hours. The horses were good tempered and so happy, just the way you want them! And we were happy to. Niger is such a beautiful country, and even Nigerians, it's a treat to see so much space!


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