Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From one world to another

Thanks guys for all your support! It means a lot.

The journey went well. I am tired, but have landed in Sweden this morning.

A lot of things (and feelings) have been going through my mind lately, but through it all, I feel joy, peace and happiness. Someone promised me nearly two years ago that if I came to him, he would carry me, day by day. And he has. Day by day.

I am spending the day with my dad and I feel blessed.
Will write more later.



photogchic said...

Very touching Ishtar. Happy you are home and finding peace in this time of sadness. I know words can not express my condolences for you and your family, just know you are in my thoughts and I am always here if you need someone to lean on.

Ishtar said...

Thank you Photogchic, it means a lot!