Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy Busy Saturday

Today was probably the busiest weekend day we've had so far!

First of all, an entrepreneur had come with a team to move the horse fence, so that Arwen will finally have a place of her own and not have to fight to dog over his rice or tear down my plants whenever she suffers from a whim of frustration.

The mason and his assistant were there as well, continuing the work on our store which they started with almost three months ago. He does do a fab job and is worthy of all the patience in the world!

Inside, Magagi the plummer was fixing our leaking sinks, and wow, did they turn out well!

The bathrooms just needed a bit of cleaning first...

The entrepreneur was the only thing that didn't work out that day. He complained about not wanting to have to pay for anything that went wrong, so Nettus and I went out of our way to help him measure and make sure things became as straight as one could require in this particular situation... Working with women however did not seem to be his thing, and after a few incidents of miscommunication (where I should have been the one being offended, if anyone), he "threw in the towel" like we say in Swedish and left the job unfinished. So Nettus and I got to do what I have always loved; maconry work! I just need to become a little bit stronger and get some better technique, so I can turn that concrete (for hours) by myself without getting any muscle ache afterwards!

We did get the rest of the job done, and had a lot of fun doing it! And the biggest perk with doing it ourselves was that we were able to place the railing just as straight as we wanted to, without being told how impossible it was.

Ha, I really need to follow in my father's footsteps and learn to do (most) things myself!


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