Saturday, February 09, 2008

The perfect siesta!

When I am in Sweden, I talk so warmly about Niger that one might think I romanticize; about the heat, the sunshine, the tasty (fat-free) food, the rides in the bush and the general super slow-slow tempo (which either kills you with frustration or makes you lead a healthier life...). Although we have been spending far too many hours at the office lately, Nettus and I have been prioritizing our siestas - our favorite time of the day.

Vital ingredient number 1: Enough time to enjoy living, a blue sky and good company. I have all of those!

Vital ingredient number 2: Healthy lowfat tasty food! This dish was cooked in the solar oven and is made of mixed vegetables, Eden nuts, sorgo and spices.

Vital ingredient number 3: Never forget your vitamins! (my mom always told me to serve something of every color...)

Vital ingredient number 4: Treat yourself to fruits. Be generous.

Vital ingredient number 5: A good dose of sunshine!

Stick to this recipe, and you're siesta is going to be just fab!



Hannatu said...

What a beautiful blog! I love your quote about people not smiling in pictures. I don't have time to look at all your pictures just now but I'm definitely going to do it this weekend! I've been to Zinder once....over 22 years ago! Have lived 16 years in Tera and the rest of the time in Niamey.

Ishtar said...

Wow, Hannatu, then you were probably in Zinder around the time my family arrived! We came in late October 1986. When did you guys leave?