Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The sire of her choice

Having worked so much overtime lately, Nettus and I took part of the afternoon off and brought Sahara back to the stallion station to meet with the boys. She was really one thrilled mare as we left the flock (which normally drives her nuts, seeing she's the boss and they should always accompany her in her eyes...). Unfortunately (for us), all the great sires were out of town this week, and the only one left for her to play with was Rio the colt.

Rio the colt turned to be exactly what Sahara the young but dominant mare wanted, and with Nettus being a soft hearted owner, she gave the colt's owner green light for the two of them to do whatever they wanted.

With Rio being the timid one, he took all the time in the world, nibbling her here and there and making sure all the time that she was "safe". And Sahara amazed us all, just standing there and taking it all without so much as budge.

Sahara was so taken by the young male that the hardest part was separating them and going home!

Had she had her way, she would have remained there all day and had lots and lots of fun...

Oh well. So we allowed Sahara to mate with the male of her choice and not the one that would ensure a high offspring value right from the start. Rio is really good runner though, and with his mild temperament, the mix between him and Sahara may actually turn out really well. In any case, we'll just wait for another 21 days before we bring her back, and see if her eagerness has faded or if the mating didn't take. If it didn't, I think I'll be looking out for Aldo, the local champion. Rumor has it that he'll be in town that week, but hey- we're in Africa, so we'll just take every day as it comes!


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karin andersson said...

Haha! Någon är verkligen fast besluten att få ett föl i familjen!