Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What the house looks like

Photogchic asked about the house that Nettus and I will be moving into in a few days. The best way to give a picture is of course to upload one, so here you are - specially for you!

It's a medium sized house the size of a Swedish apartment, but that's good. A bigger house would only be more expensive and take more time to clean! It's a bit run down, like many things are in Africa, but that's what makes it such a good project! We won't be rushing things though, because full time work commences on Monday. Looking forward to that more than anything else right now!!

The garden is nice and full of potential (another of those Ishtar mottoes!)-

... and the best thing is that I'll be moving my girls in with me!

Well, they won't actually move into the house, but I don't think Arwen would want that... She likes her sand and her playmate Sahara.

Well well, got to rush, the clock is ticking and I still have a lot of important little details to tick off from my ToDo list before I go. But the ToDo is actually shrinking!!! I didn't think it would happen, but Nettus and I got together yesterday and got 90% of the packing done which is something I normally do a few hours before I leave. Now I've been spending the morning going through important [mahi manci] papers and will pop over and have lunch with my family, before I head into town for some last minute errands. Can't believe we're leaving tomorrow, or rather, some time tonight.

Take care you all, and see you in Niger!


Ugo Daniels said...

Hi, glad you'll soon be back to the place you adore so much.

On the flip, however, i 'want to' take it you're being hyperbolic when you wrote this 'It's a bit run down, like all things are in Africa

Have a lovely day

Liisa said...

Wishing you a safe travel and looking forward to see what you will post from Niger.

Ishtar said...

@Ugo: Lol man, forgive me for the generalization when mentally preparing myself for the huge transition I am about to endure. It should have read "It's a bit run down, like all things in Niger are." Cheers!

@Liisa: Thanks!

pamelastitch said...

ishtar: what kind of camera do you use for your pictures. I need to get a new camera....
i love your pictures


Piervincenzo said...

Congratulations Ishtar !! The moving and your stories on this blog... well everything is so impressive. Outstanding.

I wish you all the best

childwoman said...

hey honey how you been!! sending lots of love and luck your way..and that house looks good..looks like my house in west india, although it is little more greener.. :)!! Good luck!!

felix said...

hey,you're going to have a good compound and a horse,that's pretty!have a nice time.