Wednesday, August 15, 2007

July keywords

"A few posts ago", I wrote that I would posting July month's favorite keywords "in a few days". Well, that was nearly two weeks ago, so, not wanting to be the one to create false hope, here they are!

I am pleased to see that you've been busy speculating on what keyword topped the list after "Ishtar" (the main protagonist) and "Hanna Grönberg" (one of Ishtar's main commentators and good friend (and also a very international person with a naija style social network)). The correct answer was not "Sunbathing" (although if you would put together all the different forms of Swedish sunbathing that has been typed, it might have turned out the winner!) nor "Heartbroken", but actually Vision-Pioneers. Here's the list!

1. vision-pioneers

Ah, didn't know people were that interested in finding out what my sister went to after her dissertation. But here's the link, in case you didn't know how to find it...

2. sunbathing, sunbathing sweden, sunbathing in sweden (plus a 100 different versions!)

Why this is such a top keyword, I have no idea and I will not even speculate on why Swedish people’s sunbathing habits are such a huge global issue. Why isn’t anybody interested in “Nigerien people delighting in the sun?”

3. african reflection

Didn’t know such thing even existed!

4. aid not helping famine

That depends on what kind of aid you’re talking about. If you refer to cash hand-outs, then no, I agree that isn’t helping. If you look at Eden’s work however, you’ll see that they've had great results!

5. barber in africa

Well, seeing I don’t like to have my hair shaved all too often, I actually don’t know an African barber personally. But perhaps that is a project for the future? Having my hair shaved African (male) fashion? Maybe something to make a poll about... Who thinks Ishtar should shave her hair? A friend of me actually offered me €300 once for shaving it - then took it back when he realized I was actually considering doing it...

6. best country to raise your kids

Still topping the charts! I actually wrote another post about it.

7. bororo feast niger celebration date 2007, bororo men images

You have them right here!

8. cancerians born on the 18th of july forecasts 2007

I am sorry to say but I have absolutely no idea what you’re referring to! This is worse than the Alsacian riding school – although this time, I don’t know how to put together a picture!

9. cia agent portraits

And why exactly am I being associated with those…?

10. daniel zinder, wedding

I am still not marrying Daniel in Zinder!

11. desertification due to livestock - pictures

You should read Eden’s article Desertification – a Threat to Sahel.

12. hausa lessons

I’ve been thinking about giving out Hausa lessons on my blog, but first I need to learn the language!

13. horse foal gestation 367 days

Yes, but in order to have anything to say about that, your mare first needs to be pregnant. After that, she needs to carry her foal without loosing it, which mine unfortunately did. I may try again though!

14. how is beauty protrayed in africa

You really want to know…? From where I come from, a plump healthy body with a broad backside is as “deluxe” as it gets. Funny thing really that my friends in Africa dream of looking like the average Swede, while all my Swedish friends dream of looking like the average Nigerien. What is it with us humans and wanting to achieve what is the furthest away from us???

15. ishtar blogspot sahara race track

No, no, you got it all wrong… I used to be involved in Zinder’s race track, but that’s not located in the Sahara desert.

16. ishtar forest, ishtar sport, square of ishtar

Interesting, interesting. And all these things can be found where…?

17. june 2007 iam from cypruse looking for job here is my email address

Ugo Daniels, did you write this?

18. june 2007 iam from nigeria looking for job here is my email address

Ugo Daniels, did you write this one too??? Didn’t know you were done with your studies…

19. kano jalla

Yes, I am hurrying off to Kano! “Jalla, jalla” as they say in Sweden nowadays after the movie...

20. living as an expat in tunis

Now that was a very, very long time ago and experiences that happened when one is four year old are not know to stick in one’s memory…

21. love versus hate

Yes, I wrote a post about that having been inspired by the NewAfrican. You will find it here.

22. move nigerien

Not exactly sure that you are thinking about… Why would I want to be moving Nigerien people around…? The whole point with Eden is helping them achieve a sustainable life right where they are.

23. nairobi

Niamey is actually the capital of Niger, not Nairobi. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, which is different country. Many African bloggers reside there.

24. palm tree sweden

I hate to be the one to tell you, but there are no natural palm trees growing in Sweden. It’s a cold country! You will find a lot of palm trees in Africa however, especially around the coast...

25. peace

Yes, we like that!

26. people born in sub-saharan live in sweden

Lol, this is the direct opposite of myself! I was born in Sweden but now I live in sub-saharan Africa…

27. reasons for a dog, reasons having a dog, reasons for having a dog, reasons to having a dog, best things about having a dog

There really is no end to it, is there? Either you have a dog or you don’t! Do you really need anyone’s permission…?

28. riding fast on a camel

No, no, no, I never do that (being such a sensible girl). Truth is, I can hardly keep myself ON a camel. However, I like to race my mare and that hits about 55 km/h. So much for being sensible..?

29. snygging english, snygging means, snygging swedish to english translation

You never give up, do you? Very well, I will say it now, once and for all. “Snygging” in Swedish is “Gorgeous” in English, but used in much more informally.

30. sultan palace zinder

Nostalgic about it? Here’s a post, showing the palace and a very, very blue Nigerien sky!

31. things to take to nigeria

Well, first (and mainly), I would recommend a winning smile, a lot of patience and your FRIENDSHIP! In other words, never go to Nigeria without your humour! If you wonder what I mean, read the comments on the post Departure Approaching...

32. who is ishtar

Well… Who am I? Sorry, not in a philosophizing mood today. I'll give you a clue though: she's a pretty cheerful blond girl working as a volunteer in the heart of Western Africa. Next question please!

33. "anette b" volunteer niger

Yes, Anette is coming back and will be staying for a LOOOONG time this time! You can read about it on her blog!

More keywords coming up next month. Hope you enjoyed them!



Nettus said...

Well well well...
I guess that this mean that I maybe will have a couple of more visitors on my blog now! Thank you for not putting a big pressure on me my friend... :o1

pamelastitch said...

LOL!!! a couple are quite strange...


Ugo Daniels said...

Interesting, can't remember writing for jobs anywhere. I have to finish school first.

Moreover, i'm self employed :)

Ishtar said...

@Nettus: Well it wasn't I who went looking for anette b the volunteer! Can't be letting anyone down, now can we? :-)

@Ugo: Ah, the things we do in our sleep man! ;-)

Ishtar said...

@Pammy: Yes, what bizarr things people write to find your blog! But it's fun looking at. Now much to be analyzed from it, but it's fun sharing nonetheless! What keywords do you get on your blog?