Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ishtar News statistics

Since the 1st of June when I started looking at the statistics (prior to then, I was only blogging for the fun of it - still am by the way!), Ishtar News has had over 1000 unique visitors. Visitor loyalty is a 46%, meaning that every second person who ends up here comes back again. 54 people have come back more than fifty times. Now being really B!G (as Izz would say!) on continuity, I must say: I like that! I'd rather blog for a handful of people that I "know" myself (whether we've met in person or not), than for an entire community that only writes a comment in the hope of leaving a trace. By the way, I am reading everywhere about people getting rude and hostile comments on their blogs. Luckily, my blog is still so small that it hasn't happened to me!

That said, I will be posting July month's favorite keyword (what is it with people and their unhealthy interest in Ishtar's sunbathing habits?) in a few days. In the meantime, I created a little poll for you to enter what keyword you thought was the top July keyword, after "Ishtar" and surprisingly, "Hanna Grönberg" - my restless friend who has a very wide global social network. I'm honored to be your friend Hanna!

Now I only need to find a picture that matches with this post. Won't be easy, for rare are the moments when I have been working with statistics in any kind, and even rarer are the times when a photographer caught me doing so! I do however have pictures of me fiddling with the camera!

Isn't it amazing what blonds can do these days? We're turning into a high-tech species!



childwoman said...

hey congrats on the B!G stats!! way to go!! and you are a brilliant, bright and a beautiful blonde!!

Ishtar said...

Thanks Tara!! Those were many Bs in one sentence! :-)

hanna grönberg said...

Yes, Paris Hilton and I are both very popular...:)

Ugo Daniels said...

Frome me to you: Congrats ;) I guess i'm one of those that comes back again and again. Cheers!

Ishtar said...

@Hanna: Aw girl, now I'm going to get all the Paris Hilton searches as well!!! :-D Oh well, anything to increase the stats, huh? Too bad Hilton gives us such bad reputation... But on the other hand, it does lower people's expectations of us! Seems there's always something to celebrate in life!

@Ugo: always as welcome! And remember, it's not me, it's you, or what was it you were saying again...?

Beaman said...

I get rude and hostile comments since I started writing about politics. Never happened when I stuck to cats. :p

Well done on your visitor number, that's an impressive milestone. Your blog is very high quality.

Ishtar said...

@Beaman, in other words, I will never get nasty comments as long as I stick to horses and pets, huh? Too bad that's not enough to help the poor achieve a sustainable life! However, there's little hostility being received through Eden's work. So I guess I'll be one of those fortunate bloggers who only have nice commentators! There was one guy from Sweden who wasn't happy about Egypt featuring in the Beautiful Africa carnival, but we got that sorted out... Hope you're doing well by the way! How's the cat now? :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

Me too, I come back but I also empty my cookies regularly so I won't show as coming back as often as I do.

Sometimes I give up on finding the perfect pic and just cheat and go without. lol

princesa said...

Hey Ishtar!
Guess am also one of ur stats.
Not sure about coming for up to 50 times tho.