Monday, August 06, 2007

My mistake

After some consideration, I have decided to remove my recent post "Will technology solve Africa's problems?" because it just didn't feel right. One of the things that I have so greatly enjoyed since I started blogging has been the pleasant atmosphere at Ishtar News. Perhaps not so surprisingly since the general note of my writing has been positive and/or constructive? Anyway, Friday evening saw me frustrated and in defense mode, adding an unnecessary salty note to my response which I actually thought I had outgrown by now. Although there are always points to be made and added about "the packaging of Africa solutions" as Izz so neatly put it, there was nothing constructive about me going into somebody else's turf and having my say when I had nothing constructive to add. Hence my mistake. :-)

That said, I may very well rewrite an article about technology vs life quality (or a similar subject) at an other time, but then on a constructive note! Life is just too short to dwell on the things you don't agree with.

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As for romanticizing about poverty, this blog will just have to speak for itself. There is no glamor about poverty, but there can be genuine life quality nonetheless. If it weren't so, I don't think I would long so much for the 45 degrees Celsius, the slow-slow pace forward (remember what I said about non-existing stress?), the constant electricity cuts & water shortages that hinders you in your work and makes your computers melt; as well as the cockroaches creeping out of your shower or the geckos in your wardrobe - unless there was something really special that outweighed it!

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And that reminds me: tomorrow, Nettus and I will be booking our plane tickets to Niger - hurray!



Nettus said...

Hi my friend!
Sounds really good that we finally will book this flight ticket. We have a lot to talk about tomorrow when we meet. I'm so looking forward to go to Niger with you!

photogchic said...

Good luck finding a cheap fare---things seem very expensive lately. I am looking forward to your trip as much as you are:-) Can't wait to learn, see, and hear more about your beloved Niger.

Ishtar said...

@Nettus: looking forward to seeing you again, as usual! :-)

@Photogchi: I don't think we will find any cheap tickets (there isn't that much to choose from on the market in this case) but when you know what you're doing, you just take it, don't you? Thrilled that you enjoy it so much, will do my best to let you in on every happening!!!

Now I'm off for some coffee and sunshine!

pamelastitch said...

hey ishtar,
What are you eating there? It looks delicious....


Ishtar said...

@Pammy: I'm eating "the field station dish"! Lol, it's amazingly simple, rice or pasta cooked with vegetables and some tomato puré - and I don't know anything that tastes so good after half a day out in the sun!

Oh I miss Africa so badly!

Childwoman said...

Why Africa and the other 3rd world countries is so poor? why is wealth not equally distributed? why these children have to fight even for basic requirements and struggle to survive? why? why? why? Aren't we all God's children? :(

Rising Rainbow said...

Up, downs, salty or not, I find your insights into Africa a worthwhile and informative read. Don't stop.

There are no simple answers. Life is complicated and so is this world. If we were God, I'm sure all of the world's wrongs would be righted, but we are not and we have to live with that.

Someone once suggested to me that that is the crux of what God intended for humans as he expelled Adam and Eve from the garden.For us to have to live with the consequences of our humanity. Sometimes I wonder if maybe she wasn't right.

Ishtar said...

@Tara: History is full of people battling one another and even present day is full of examples of individuals and societies only wanting more and more. In that sense, I must be disillusioned because I really don't have that high hopes in mankind nor in our intellectual achievements. However, I do believe the achievements of small things, as long as your heart is in the right place!

@Rising rainbow: Thanks! I won't stop, I just wanted to turn a clear page. It's that part about the heart being in the right place! :-) I agree with you, we have to learn to live with our humanity. Often we mean well but end up doing something not so good after all. Taking a step back and evaluating one's reasons is always important, especially when wanting to make a positive impact on the world.

hash said...

Ishtar, I understand your action, but I wish you hadn't deleted that post. The debate and conversation surrounding it are what make the blogosphere work. It's okay to have strong opinions on things and still possible to keep a positive outlook on your blog with a negative post here or there. In fact, it makes you seem a lot more real.

Thanks again for the conversation, and I hope we can continue to chat about those types of things.

Safe travels.


CareTaker said...

You contravened one of the fundamental laws of blogging - never delete a post, no matter what! :)

I can't 'educate' you on what to write and how to present yourself on your blog, however, you need to realize that there will always be divergent and mis-representation of views.

You are one of the few I believe write from the the "gut", and you have every reason to - you live in Niger, interact the people and get to see things first hand, and from a different perspective - your viewpoints are therefore valid and authentic...maybe more authentic than that of several full-blooded Africans I know who have become blinded by their romance with all things "west".

One of the greatest challenge in Africa today is how Africans can understand themselves and be able to objectively relate to their heritage - socially, culturally, politically, and economically.

Ishtar said...

Dear Hash,

I sort of had the feeling you'd get disappointed, but don't be. It was just a post, and besides, you’re already carrying on the discussion on your own blog.

For the past year, ever since my mother got ill, I’ve been learning to follow my heart rather than my reason.

Like many other people in this world, you want to do what works both for you as well as for others. Having seen what I have seen, having lived what I lived, I could never settle for that, but that is me.

Wish you all the best,

Don Thieme said...

It looks like I missed out on all of the excitement. I have not forgotten that I was "tagged," by the way. I have just been very busy moving. I will post an abbreviated response to the "tag" today.