Monday, August 20, 2007

Soon and very soon...

Only nine days left until I leave (according to my own blog countdown)! I wonder if those nine days could have extended hours so that I will have enough time to get everything done before I leave...?

I had a good laugh when Facebooking earlier today. A South African blogger thought that his ToDo list was "so long it should be published as a book". I have a similar ToDo list stashed away somewhere on my computer. I am very much aware of its existence, but not so much of the details, since I stubbornly refuse to open it up (I have a tendency of adding more things to my ToDo list than I mark off as "done"). I am already aware of the numerous things that need to be done before I leave, but looking at the whole mass will only blurry my vision and motivation to get any task done at all. So right now, I'm concentrating on the little things (kind of becoming an Ishtar statement lately) and my only drastic decision so far has been to not take on any more payable work before I leave even though I still need the money. But there are only nine days left (most of them already booked) and I need the time to get everything prepared and in order. Can't leave any Ishtar mess behind!

But seeing one can always look at the glass as half full or half empty, I choose to tell myself that there are still nine whole days left! Imagine that - so much time!!! And all of a sudden, I feel sooooo much better. :-)



szavanna said...

9 days till Niger:) This reminds me when I left for Tunis and SA and USA - though I didn't have to prepare so much - since all I needed was a travelbag and my violin and tickets - very little to pack :) I almost feel like I am going as well - after all these "prepare-posts". I actually really appreciate - that I can follow you around with the help of your blog :) so thank U once more!

Ugo Daniels said...

Don't we all have a HUGE To DO list, which never gets done :)

photogchic said...

Exciting!!!It will go by quickly. You will be there before you know it.

jill said...

I´m so impressed Esther. You have realu found out whats life about. Keep up. /Jill xx

Ishtar said...

@Szavanna: I'm thrilled you're that exited about following me to the least developed country in the world!

@Ugo man: Biggest difference between Sweden and Niger is that in Niger, ToDo lists don't exist. There is no point in keeping one either, since you never know who's turning up or what the day will bring? Will I have electricity? Will there be water today? In Sweden, people's lives are destroyed when the bus is 5 min late for work.

@Photgchic: I think so too! Hope your four months go by just as quickly as this summer has done for me!

@Jill: Great to see you here! Maybe one day I get to invite you to Niger to write an article about Eden and life in the least developed country in the world? Let me know if the offer tempts you. If not, I'll have to inspire with... uh... heat and delicious solar cooked food? Seeing you're not into riding [I presume] and Niger is not that big of a football country..