Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Separation anxiety

Our horses have separation anxiety. They have only known each other for a year, but from the first week, Sahara has gone nuts whenever Arwen is away.

The big change this year is that Arwen now reacts with equal frustration. The disadvantages are (obviously) many, but there are surprisingly many perks as well. For instance, when you go somewhere, you bring one horse, and the second one just tags along.

The same behaviour pattern applies to Nettus' pet goats Amadeus & Esmeralda, who will not go anywhere without one another.

We are now only waiting to see if Dennis our mafioso guard dog will tune in as well?



Victoria Cummings said...

Merry Christmas, Ishtar and Nettus! My horse, Silk, has separation anxiety - not just from her daughter, Siete, but from me as well. If I am gone for the day, she stands at the gate of the pasture waiting for me and refuses to be consoled. This week, when the farrier came to put on their winter shoes (with little cleats to keep them from sliding on the snow and ice), Mama Silk was neighing and neighing because she couldn't see Siete since a big pine bush was blocking her view. I find it reassuring that animals have the same emotional responses we do - missing someone, being jealous, falling in love - I guess feelings make the world go 'round. Happy Holidays from Connecticut!

photogchic said...

Herd Mentality at work. Seems to be more extreme between mares, they can develop really tight bonds.