Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet Haruna of Maradi

This week, we had a visitor from Maradi. Meet Haruna, an American expat TCK (and MK) who grew up in Jos (Nigeria) and who is now back in West Africa for a year long term of agricultural volunteer work. Although Nettus and I have been busy at work, we took turns to show him Zinder. He got to ride the horses (loved the gallop - but hey, what did you expect!) and when I fell sick, Nettus took him out on a long bike ride on a never ending gravel roads.

There may not be as much to do in Zinder as elsewhere in the world, but the landscape is beautiful!

And I think Haruna had a nice time. Who knows, maybe one day he'll blog about it? :-) If he does, I'll post you the link!



Aaron said...

Hi Esther! nice post, i guess i will accept the pictures you put up of me, ha ha. I have already beat you too it and put up a post about our time. I wanted to put more pics but its very slow.

Ishtar said...

Welcome to Niger, Aaron! Good thing you accepted the posts although I can always blur you if you want to! :-)